Please pay via PAYPAL if possible!

Commissions By TurboErin

If you would like to inquire about custom work, commissions, or hash patch designs, please submit the following form with a brief message regarding your inquiry.

Please, note that submission of this form is not a contract of service. Submission of this form initiates the consultation process to see if I am a good fit for your request.

The consultation will be a discussion about what you're looking for; a realistic timeline of when such a project can be completed; and the rate at which you will be charged for custom commission work. 

Terms Of Service
By purchasing art from TurboErin you are agree to the following terms:

• Payments are only accepted in USD
• Payments will ONLY be done via paypal through an invoice.
• Payment must be made within 48hrs of invoice being sent
• Costs must be paid up front. I will not start working until payment is received.
• Payment plans are only available for costs over $500
Refunds are only available if work has not started.

Commission Procedure:
• Slot will be put into queue once payment is received
• At least one color reference must be provided for all OC or fanart commissions
• Queue will be worked on mostly in order
• Sketch Commissions do not receive a WIP.
• Adjustments can only be made in the sketch stage (unless I leave something previously requested off)
• Excessive revisions will incur a fee
• Commissions will usually be completed in one to two months - commission work is balanced with my full time day job and commute.


I, Erin L. Turberville, retain all rights to my art unless stated otherwise. This means that I can post it to any of my galleries or social media sites or create the art in print format for art books or advertisements. If you would like to not have your commission used or uploaded let me know up front, there will be an extra charge. Paying to withhold your art does not grant you the rights to the art.

Upon completion of your commission, you will receive a digital copy of the design, as a PNG file. While you do not have permission to edit the artwork itself, it is understood that you may elect to add text elements or background colors to your design in the case of Hash Patch Designs. It is therefore recommended that you make a copy of the file to edit your design elements to avoid corrupting your original file. If your digital file of the commission becomes corrupted and unusable, please email me so that I can resend you an uncorrupted version of the file.

In the case of Hash Patch Commissions, it is agreed that the design is made especially for you and that you have permission to have patches, stickers, or other hash related tradeables made with the design.

You are allowed to post your commission in your Fur Affinity gallery or Twitter or use it as your profile picture on social media, but it must be linked and credited back to me. Do not repost my art to other sites, please share or reblog the art directly from my sites if I have them. If you would like to use the art for something else not previously discussed or negotiated, please ask first.

You aren't allowed to use it commercially. If you want the rights to your image, it will have to be discussed before I begin to work on your commission, as you need my permission in writing. My work is never to be used as an NFT or any other form of crypto currency or in support of crypto currency.