Please pay via PAYPAL if possible!

About & FAQ

Q. Who makes your stickers?
A. I make 99% of my stickers in small batches at home using my printer, laminator, and my silhouette cameo 4. If they are a popular design that I have to restock I work with a manufacturer like StickerApp or Sticker Ninja.

Q. Who makes your clothing?
A. I draw everything in Procreate and work with a 3rd Party Print On Demand company who manufactures and ships the items. For basic tees and hoodies, TeePublic is amazing for print on demand and runs sales often. For larger hab quantities I (and many others) have had tremendous success with CustomInk.

For ALL OVER/Sublimation printing (like the clothing you see on my print on demand pages) you can use companies like Printful or Artscow. I use Printful on my website, and they charge me before they charge you so I only accept PayPal payments for print on demand items.

Q. Why do you use 3rd Party Print on Demand Services AKA "Drop Shippers"?
A. Because I run a small business out of my house and have very limited space at this time. Printing things on demand enables me to throw a lot to the wall and see what sticks without a huge risky investment if something doesn't. It also produces a lot less waste and because the order fulfillment is done by a third party, it's a little less work that I, the sole employee of this small business, has to do (and I already do a lot).

Q. Do you take commissions or do custom work?
My commission policies are listed on the "Commissions" tab on my website. My rates start at $100 for design and the typical patch design does not exceed that. For manufacturers, you can use my affiliate code ErinT10 at for 10% off custom patches. 

Q. Why do you only accept Paypal Payments via invoice?
A. Lots of reasons including but not limited to: keeping the commission queue organized; keeping an accurate record of my income for taxes; keeping an accurate record so people don't make fraudulent claims that I didn't provide goods or services.

Q. Why do you take commission fees up front?
A. Because of a common art scam when people do hours/days of work and the client never pays because they've already received the finished product. 

Q. How can I ensure that you get the most money possible for your work and can you give me a discount?
A. These two notions are mutually exclusive- in order for me to get the most money possible I can't give you a discount. If you're really interested in giving me the most money possible for my work, then handmade stickers and custom work is the route you want to go. Clothing items really don't make me a ton.

Q. Will you design my logo?
A. No. I no longer do logos.

Q. Will you be the haberdasher for my hash kennel?
A. No. I am the haberdasher for TWO kennels - of which I'm an active member - in the DMV area as of 2022 and am not taking on any additional volunteer roles at this time.

There are currently 20+ groups in the DMV area alone, and I have been asked by no less than 4 groups to be habby (take on the full haberdasher role) - including groups I rarely run with. It is neither practical nor reasonable to take on the haberdasher role for more than two kennels at a time while also working fulltime and running a small business. And it is a completely unreasonable and unmanageable workload for one individual to take on the role of haberdasher for more than two groups, especially if they aren't groups that are local to me or groups that I simply am not actively participating in.

Q. Can you design stuff for haberdashers of other kennels?
Absolutely! If you would like custom artwork to use for hab for your kennel, you can submit a request for paid custom work on the commissions page. I am happy to help design or fully design artwork for shirts, patches, toe tags, and even happi coats. Not everyone is artistic, but that doesn't mean you can't be a haberdasher, and I can help you put together fun and funny designs to capture the spirit of your group and make everyone look super cool.